Commercial Truck Financing

Dealers and Manufacturers

Better Financing Solutions – More Repeat Customers

Our financial products help you move more units and at better profit margins.

  • We provide direct access to our credit underwriters for discussing credit, rates, and terms helps to make your experience with ENGS an intimate one.
  • Enjoy greater customer retention. We consider you, the dealer, as our primary customer. That is why we focus on helping you retain the customer long term:
  • Notification to you if customer calls in for payoff. This puts you in top position for repeat sale.
  • Notification to you if customer calls in for another approval.
  • After sale advantages: Advanced notification of your customers’ lease expiration to help you get a head start on upselling.
  • Remarketing opportunities for off lease units.
  • Special Promotions: Looking to sell some special equipment? We can work with you to offer special terms for a quick sale.